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communicating artery. It was about the size of a bean and

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of ammonia in the urine but with only a small amount

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elastic especially over the synovial membrane or oedematous

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an immense tract of lung is converted into a semi translucent

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afford temporary relief and he was bled at different times to such an

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cases were under the care of private physicians. In

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Upon the third day after a severe chill there appeared

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stage of fever and further he believes that there is

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processes give rise to many infectious emboli which lodge in

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or bromide of ammonia with carbonate of soda half an ounce each

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ing matter. The amoeboid movements of the white corpus

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cal reports the cases where death was inevitable or

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has presented to the college the sum of in trust for the

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of the muscles passive exercises massage and electricity in the form of

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perature in the example adduced was taken by means of a thermo

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lunged persons and cases of emphysema the relative dulness only. Exten

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To the surprise of everyone right in the mid passage

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forming organ that is erythroblastic and I think that Dr. Archibald s



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