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Treatment of the proposition, in?mediate and mediate infer-
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Symptoms. — The cHnical examination of the calves was not carried
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butter, to be simple and laxative. I took no wine and no meat
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present, and that resembles the central cells of the cardiac region very much more
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beneficial and toning influence on the sympathetic and vaso-motor
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Waddell Stiles, chief of the division of zoology. Hygienic Laboratory,
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tell by a glance at them which is the positive and which the
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of Labor of the United States Government ; Miss Gill, of the Royal
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was resting close to the damp and poisonous wall. Neither words nor draw-
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in by Drs. Homberger, McFanao, Hutdiison, and others.
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No doubt there is still fresh in your memories the recent
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Night perspirations. — Give four grains of oxide of zinc, and four
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menced at intervals of a few days, and the patient states that the ejected
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taken them off for a moment. No evil results were felt
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formed into an insoluble albuminate, or from the alka-
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moval of the animal from the innutritious farm to one of a richer
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Not common ; occurring usually on abrupt wet creek banks.
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ration to health, and to make known the blessings of the reform practice
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lactic acid, with the acidulated liquid pepsin, hai
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series, 33 per cent of the cases showed a cell count
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week, in doses of half an ounce in weight, largely diluted
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cases was the way in which they had been treated. Their
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contrary. It is certain that plants are generated from
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of some eminent old-school physicians stating certain erroneous
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They were a keen-witted race, quick to assimilate the
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world a debtor, by laying the foundation of the first museum for
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condition in the urine ; and that enzymes capable of digesting this protein
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held for indefinite periods prisoners of war, and of the remaining
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the hsemoptysis, were wanting. The arrest of the disease was sponta-



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